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CPI COVID19 Response

CPI understands how difficult the COVID 19 pandemic is. At a time when we might need to reach out for help coping with all of this, we must shelter in place and remain isolated in our homes.

We want you to know that we are here to help with any emotional and mental difficulties brought on by this terrible event or an issue that existed before. Right now might be the ideal time to address those issues that have troubled you for years.

We supply telehealth counseling through the devices you have. Counseling sessions use the communication devices you have on hand, ranging from voice-only phones to interactive real-time video conferencing on personal computers. All encounters meet or exceed HIPPA standards for security and privacy.

CPI accepts most insurance, and for those that do not have insurance or have lost their health insurance, we can furnish services through our Community Clinic for little or no payment. We strive to help our community in any way we can.

Please take a moment to read our mission and vision statements. If we look like a fit for you, please contact us at the phone number listed or leave us an email, and we will promptly contact you.


Garry Hallford

Executive Director/ CEO